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This is just a note for posterity really but on May 1st, 2023 we formally made the ONE system available to the general practitioner community via new web pages to facilitate the sign-up (previously it had only been available to e-Lybra Owners as we already had their details registered).

The sign-up process also allows customers outside of the UK to sign-up as a business so that they are not charged digital services tax. This verification can be in the form of a VAT code (for EU countries), or by proving a website link to the business, or finally by some other means (e.g. letterheaded stationary, government business registration website, etc.)

Having completed work on the sign-up website we are now finalizing the next iteration of the ONE software for release during the next few days, at tidying up this website, and also filming some new videos for the purposes of:

  • marketing

  • how-to guides

To sign up for the ONE system please visit

With all best wishes,

The WDS Team

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