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Joint Pain Treatment

Body Wellness Programs

Our e-Lybra Energy Balancing System has a broad range of energy balancing programs with different modalities, including the ability to sample your own remedy patterns (e.g. homoeopathic) and to create custom formulae. The ONE system offers a useful subset of the programs available in the e-Lybra system for general body wellness.

If you would like more information about the e-Lybra system then please contact us at or see the Contact Us page for more ways to get in touch.

Physical health is determined by many factors, and we all know the important advice that we should follow: get good quality sleep, get exercise, don't smoke, eat unprocessed and high-quality unprocessed foods (protein mainly), and good quality water. However, as we get older our body still tends to develop problems such as heart issues, painful joints, poor kidney function, and so on. Barring accidents, genetic factors, or environmental factors such as ingesting toxins our physical health is not just dictated by how well we physically maintain our bodies. There are many energetic factors that contribute to poor physical health, such as stored trauma. As with descriptions on other parts of this website the energetic blockages that can build up in our body give rise to poor health if left unprocessed. This is why many enlightened people engage in Tai Chi, Yoga, acupuncture, and other disciplines which primarily seek to keep a good flow of healthy Chi energy within the body.

The ONE system has a set of programs in this category that specifically works on keeping certain organs or body systems "unblocked". Exactly how much unblocking is required on any specific individual is like asking "how long is a piece of string", and so improvement times can vary wildly. However, the ONE system can contribute to a more healthy overall energy system, especially when a multi-disciplinary approach is taken in which good nutrition and all the factors mentioned above are included.

List of Body Wellness Programs (so far*)


Allergy And Hayfever

Anxiety And Stress

Bones And Skeletal System


Cardiovascular (Complete System)

Coronavirus Support

Eliminate Common Parasites

Emotional Balancing



General Energy Balance And Boost


Immune Plus




Lymphatic System


Muscular System

Nervous System



Reproductive System - Female

Reproductive System - Male

Respiratory (Complete System)

Skeletal Joints


Sleep Support



Urinary System

* Our initial 2023 offering of the ONE system contains the above programs in the Body Wellness category. We welcome your feedback, and also are keen to receive any requests from practitioners for specific additions to add to this portfolio.

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