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Drinking wine

Alcohol Addiction

This page provides a distinction to the Drug and Substance Addiction category simply because it is enough of a widespread problem to warrant a page of its own. The concepts discussed on this page are expressed as a summation of the discussions on the Drug and Substance Addiction page.


A key part of this explanation relies on your having some understanding of what an Engram is. Please read the Concepts Of Energy Balancing page on this website before you fully explore this page as it gives a full description of the concept. This is vital to understanding the value that the ONE system adds to the support of addiction sufferers. 

Alcohol is essentially a drug and is perhaps more widely misused than many other recreational substances, and the incidence of becoming addicted to alcohol occurs to a lower percentage of individuals. However, alcoholism is nevertheless a huge problem and it blights many peoples lives.

In this case there is a strong genetic disposition towards alcohol addiction, so the dynamics of the metaphysical factors are somewhat different. There is however an energetic component to alcoholism and The ONE system can help to dissolve these specific factors. 

The Drug and Substance Addiction page also discusses the additional complications of external energetic attachments (in particular), damage to the energy bodies, and underlying trauma. In our opinion these are also factors in the case of an alcohol addiction. There is just a single Alcohol program within the addictions category list because the energetics of the situation are common.

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