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Session: Client History tab

The Client History tab shows you a history of the sessions that have been given to the current client, and also shows and changes to the status of a top-up device.

Understanding the Page Tabs


Once you have clicked on the Run a Client session page and you have chosen a client then you are moved into the main session page. Towards the top of this page is a horizontal menu which allows you to move to different pages within the same context of this client session. If you click the Client History text then you will be moved to this tabbed page.


The column down the left-hand side is a list of dates where an event has occurred, either in which one or more sessions were run, or whether a change was made to a top-up device schedule. Click on each date in order to see the events of that day.

Beneath each date on the left side you will see two icons, which may be lit or grey. If it is lit then it shows that there is an entry for that icon type. The left icon is for a session, and the right icon is for a top-up configuration event.


To the right of the list of dates are the items of information for that date, two sections - one or both sections could contain data. In each individual date entry these two icons will either be shown in a highlight colour or in a faint grey, depending upon whether each date entry has any info for that day.In the example image above only May 10th has both icons highlighted, indicating that there is history data for both program runs and for top-up device events. In all following items in the list only left (program) icon is highlighted so this indicates that there is no top-up event data recorded.

Programs run on this day

This grid shows you the individual programs that were run for the current client on the date selected, the duration, and the staff member who initiated the session.


Top-up device events run on this day


This grid lists any changes that were made to the status of a top-up device, from assigning a device to a client, assigning a program for a scheduled transmission, any subsequent modifications to the schedule (e.g. extension, different program), and a schedule expiry event if that has happened by the time this log is read.

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