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Owner Testimonials

All i can say is absolutely amazing !

I have been involved with bio-resonance for around 10 years now, which is a great healer. So when I was introduced to The One system I was very excited to see how it could assist with addictions, as we all know addictions to solvents, heroin, crack etc is a complete destruction of life and it is very difficult to stop the cravings to the point of losing life. From personal experience of a loved one I have seen progress from Cannabis to Cocaine to Heroin to Crack, and no way of stopping even with rehab as the memory is still there. It's good to get clean but memory is still there!

With the amazing One the addict can restart their life, without the suffering of cravings as the therapy actually removes the memory and craving.

This is such an amazing therapy, which will help any addict to stop any substance and behavioral including gambling, pornography etc The One will also balance and heal any part of the body suffering with ill health! I was so Impressed by the results.

I now offer treatments.

Claire Taylor, UK

Addiction and PTSD


I have been using the One system for the past 2 years and it has been an absolute joy to see how this system has changed lives.
I am a practitioner who has worked with Bioresonance and other complimentary therapies for many years but I am also an ex addict so when I was told about the One system I was very excited to try it.
In the time I have had this system I have used it for many kinds of addiction, which include, Heroin, Opioids, Cocaine, Sugar, Smoking and a variety of other addictions with great success. It is very rewarding to watch someone’s life change and see them become free of addiction.

But what I found particularly interesting was when I used the One system on myself. I have been drug free for many years, yet I could feel the system cleaning me up and getting into deep parts of my energy field which I was unaware of. It felt very strong and at times I could feel it detoxing me from my past drug use. I found this very relaxing and the strength of it was surprising.

I highly recommend the One system to anyone who is an addict or who has had issues with addiction in the past. It really does work.
The One system also helps people who have been through trauma and have issues with PTSD. I have been using this for myself and found it to be very powerful. I feel everyone would benefit from trying this. We all hold trauma of some kind and when that trauma is released it feels so freeing.

I cannot recommend the One system enough and I am very thankful for the opportunity to have worked it.

Tashko Genov, Bulgaria

I have been a Holistic Medicine practitioner for 25 years. For 9 years I have been actively using the e-lybra bioresonance in my practice. The results and analyses are impressive. For several months I have introduced into my practice the new One system of WDS. Knowing well the capabilities of e-lybra without hesitation, I purchased the One system therapeutic system. Over the years, I have realized that the root cause of majority of our sufferings is psycho-emotional trauma of all kinds. It may also lead to addictions. I already have a lot of patients who have either used or are currently using various opiates. What everyone says is that they already feel Free. Therefore, I strongly recommend my colleagues to introduce One system into their practice in order to be useful to people and the Chains to finally fall.


I wish success to all.

Sarah Richards, UK

I am absolutely LOVING the ONE system, and having some fantastic results but really learning a lot through other people and their issues.

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