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Early Feedback - April 2023

At the present time we have so far sold the ONE system solely into our existing e-Lybra community as this seems a good starting point, and also because the sign-up part of the website is still under construction. There were several practitioners who were really keen to get their hands on it so we knew that we would get useful feedback before we started rolling out to the wider community of practitioners and therapists.

I write this blog posting shortly after a phone conversation with such a person – an existing e-Lybra owner of several years’ experience who has also purchased a ONE box and associated subscription to the ONE software. She has been using it for about two months on herself, family members, and a few clients. In the conversation she expressed a lot of enthusiasm for the system and is excited for the future developments that we have planned for it. In the email that preceded the telephone conversation she wrote “Having great results with ONE!“

Regarding the addiction program she has been working on a person who is a long-time crack addict. She was gushing in her praise for the results of weaning the client off this drug: “he’s clean, he doesn’t want it, he doesn’t need it!”. As part of her wider observation she also confirmed the benefit of using a top-up card during the time intervals between the client sessions with the ONE system. She told me that the top-up cards are necessary to keep the breakdown of the drug addiction matrix going between each connected session with the wrist straps, and without the cards there can be is “a bit of” relapse, but with the card present as part of the protocol then the release from the addiction pangs remain stronger while the course of sessions is underway.

Regarding the trauma (PTSD) program, she also explained some work she had done on a widow who had lost her husband in traumatic circumstances several years before. The client had never really been able to get over that loss but a ONE trauma program has really helped her to move forward. The client did report that the session did bring the emotion back up to the surface a few days after the session and, emotionally speaking, she did suffer (in her own words) “a bit of a meltdown” for a little while. However, this has now cleared and she reports that much of that emotional heaviness and depression has finally gone.

Finally, she also reported further good news with the system. While the ONE system primarily deals with addiction and trauma there is also a section of additional programs that target specific body organs and systems. She had a case of a male who fell out of a window and badly twisted his knee as he landed. He was in a lot of pain and could not rest his weight on it so he went to the hospital, had an x-ray, and was told by the physician that the knee was in such bad shape that it looked like it had been mauled by a dog. Later that day he received a ONE session with the “Skeletal System” program, and the next day he could walk fully on the leg and commented on the scale of improvement in such a short period of time!

We are currently preparing to make the ONE system available to the wider community and currently estimate this will be during the first week of May 2023. Please do contact us if you would like further information in the meantime.

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