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Technical Support

Support is initially offered by email to

or by telephone during UK office hours on

+44 1684 899 334

Help will be given as quickly as possible, and is queued on first-come, first-served basis. At the moment we rarely get more than one support phone call at a time but we will continually monitor this as the use of the system grows.


If you are emailing us, please do this!

If you are going to email then please tell us what sort of help you need. Emails that literally only say "I have a problem, please email me back" just take up time because we have to write back and say "what's the problem?", and only when we see your reply do we get to understand what help you need. Please help us both to avoid this unnecessary round trip. You'll be surprised how often that happens.

Team Viewer support program

It may be that we need to create a support connection to your computer to actually see the problem, and provide a fix if necessary. You will usually need to download this program if we have asked you to do so.

Please click on this Team Viewer image to download the Team Viewer program. We are certain this program is safe, we have used them for providing our support software for many years without a problem. Once you have downloaded it then please open it - this will set the program up to run. At some point it will give you a safety warning to say that this program will make changes to your computer and ask for your consent to continue - please do so. After several seconds it will load the Team Viewer program. The WDS technical support person will be waiting to hear from you with the ID and PASSWORD values, please carefully type these values into an email or verbally give the numbers if you are talking to our person on the phone.

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