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Drug and Substance Addiction Programs

This page lists the various programs that are available within the ONE system for specific substances. It explains why there is not one single program for addiction, and how the ONE system protocol varies from conventional substance addiction therapies.

A key part of this explanation relies on your having some understanding of what an Engram is. Please read the Concepts Of Energy Balancing page on this website before you fully explore this page as it as it gives a full description of the concept. This is vital to understanding the value that the ONE system adds to the support of addiction sufferers. 

In a conventional therapeutic setting the treatment protocol for substance addiction is primarily to get the chemical out from the system which, when present, is a primary source of addiction. During the immediate period where the concentration of the substance has reduced the body starts to detox and this can result in serious physical and psychological distress. The detox can typically take several days or weeks before the symptoms die off and some sense of balance returns. In a conventional setting there is usually some kind of ongoing support, including pharmaceutical on occasion, where encouragement is given not to return to the use of the substance; the effectiveness of this is determined by the willpower of the individual, the ability to overcome the non-chemical part of the addiction,  the scope of the positive support, and the effectiveness of any negative influence.

The ONE system recognizes all of the above factors and does not seek to replace any of them. We do however add additional contributing factors towards the nature of the problem, and these are of a metaphysical nature. In our model we identify five factors that need to be resolved in the client. These are:

  1. Presence of the chemical substance

  2. The engram

  3. Any energetic attachment that might be present

  4. Damage to the protective energy bodies

  5. Trauma

So we will discuss these factors one at a time.

1. Presence of the chemical substance

The initial and primary cause of an addiction is the effect of the chemical substance on the body. It is well understood that the presence of these substances cause changes in the brain which alter the receptivity of neurotransmitters. The body adjusts to the presence of the substance and withdrawal can produce extremely severe reactions.


2. The engram 

Intense psychological experiences imprint themselves onto the flow of chi energy around the body, and this can be cumulative over time. This typically affects what we consider to be low-frequency phenomenon, such as addiction, fear and depression to name a few. High-frequency experiences such as ecstasy (not the drug) generally do not not have this phenomenon.

The chemical dependency exerts a very strong influence on the energy system, to such a strength that it forms an engram of sufficient solidity that it cannot be dissolved by the body's natural cleansing processes. The psychological effect of any withdrawal of a chemical nature also imprints itself into the engram, as does the subject's sheer focus on getting another fix while the chemical influence is still present. This engram acts as a running program, constantly projecting into the consciousness of the addict the need for that drug. It does get quieter when the addict is "clean" but it is always there. At times of stress or negative pressure the psychological control that is preventing a relapse might not be strong enough to overcome the influence of the engram.

This is where the technology of the ONE system comes to the fore, in that its primary task is to help the body to dissolve and eliminate the engram. 

3. Any energetic attachment that might be present

So far we have discussed the engram as something that becomes present in the body. This is admittedly an entirely new concept for many who are encountering this kind of discussion for the first time. We now need to extend that concept by one more step. It is possible that an engram can become dislodged from the energy field of the addict - sometimes by a joyous experience which provides such a burst of high-frequency chi that some solidified chunks can literally be expelled. There is a simple concept whereby an addict, who has an engram that is resonating to the frequency of a specific substance and all of the emotions that go with it, can absorb a detached engram from somebody else if they happen to walk though the location of such an item. These attached engrams do not always stay connected if the new host addict becomes clean, but in general there will be a greater concentration of these detached engrams in "drug dens" (to use the vernacular term) and other places where addicts congregate. This is also true of alcohol addictions and drinking establishments.

There is an obvious consequence to somebody who already struggles with an addiction becoming bonded with an external engram - the overall energy of the addiction is intensified.

The ONE system is aware of this complication and also seeks to dissolve any additional attachments.

4. Damage to the protective energy bodies

All this discussion of energy bodies shows that we all live in a sea of different energies. If we leave the house and go to work, the gym, to the shops and so on then we are constantly being exposed to many other types of energy structures and fields, as well as electromagnetic (EMF) fields too. Some of these are higher frequency, and many are low frequency. Substance addiction does put a lot of stress on the energy bodies to the point where the natural energetic defenses are damaged, allowing further low frequency energies to enter whereas in a healthy body they simply would not gain ingress. This lowering of defenses further lowers the overall wellness of the addict, leading to further depression, and lower psychological resistance to returning to drug usage again. It also allows the external energetic attachments to gain further traction in entry to deeper levels of the energy field. The familiar concept demonstrated here is of the vicious circle.

The ONE system programs for substance addiction also provide support for repairing the energetic defenses of the energetic field.


It has been suggested to us frequently by energetic practitioners that in many cases the drug usage is often a consequence of an underlying trauma, from which the addict seeks to escape by numbing the emotion. The ONE support for trauma is discussed here, but it is generally suggested that the practitioner assess whether there is an underlying trauma and then run the Trauma and PTSD program as a second-phase after the addiction course of sessions with a view to supporting this lower-level aspect of the problem.

List of Drug Addiction Programs (so far*)


Anabolic Steroids


Bath Salts (Synthetic Cathinones)






Ecstasy (MDMA)


GHB (Gamma-Hydroxybutyrate)











Nicotine (Smoking, Vaping, HTPs)




PCP (Phencyclidine)

Poppers (Alkyl Nitrites)

Psilocybin (Magic Mushrooms)


Miscellaneous programs also included:

Chocolate (Theobromine)


* Our initial 2023 offering of the ONE system contains the above programs in the Substance Addiction category. We welcome your feedback, and also are keen to receive any requests from practitioners for specific additions to add to this portfolio.

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