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Buying and Using Credits

In order to run a client session or to schedule a program to be sent to a top-up device it is necessary to have a positive balance of credits in your account. The credit status is shown on the home page within the Credits Status information box. In the information box two figures are shown: Available, and Allocated. The figure down the left side of the screen is the difference between Available and allocated. 


Credit balance statement

At the time of writing the "Credit balance is good/low" statement is based upon a very basic algorithm. In time this will be tuned based upon your historical credit burn rate, and also whether you have a single-user or multi-user subscription account.

Available Credits

When you purchase a ONE system you are given an allocation of credits. Each credit lasts for five minutes, so a one hour run will cost twelve credits and the count of available credits will reduce by twelve at the end of a one-hour session. The available credits is a count of the number of credits available to your subscription account.

If you have any top-up devices scheduled for receiving a program transmission then they will each cost one credit per day - this cumulative figure will be deducted from the available credits balance shortly after midnight (GMT) for the day just gone.

Allocated Credits

Allocated credits is the number of credits that will be used for actions that have already been scheduled. For example, if you are in a multi-user environment and several other therapists are also running sessions then the allocated figure is based upon the number of total credits which currently exist within action plans, even though they have not yet been spent.

If you are currently running a client session then you will have created an action plan that will consume a number of credits, although if the run has not yet completed then the number of credits that will be spent on the action plan will not yet have been removed from the Available Credits count. Furthermore, if you have any top-up device schedules which are currently active then these also will be an activity that will cause a decrease in the number of Available Credits, although this actual daily cost has not yet been deducted. So the Allocated Credits are a count of all the activities that are currently taking place that will decrease the Available Credit count. In the case of a busy clinic this could involve several concurrent activities so the Allocated Credits count is a means whereby the effective available credit (the difference between the two) can be derived to ensure there is enough credit available to start a new activity.

Buying Credits

In order to purchase credits you should look for the Shop menu item down the left side of the ONE app (it might not be visible, depending upon your login account type).

NB You will only be able to view or access this page if you have a login account with a "Finance" status. If you are the person that owns/created the subscription then you will automatically have full access to all features that the ONE software offers.

In the Shop page you will see the various items that you can buy which are relevant to owning a ONE system, so not just credits but top up cards and also replacement items such as the power supply. The credits item is at the top of the list, just update to number of usage credits that you wish to purchase and press the Update button within this box.


You will see the item added to the shopping cart box on the right side of the page. If there is nothing more that you wish to add to the cart then you can press the Go To Checkout button. This takes you to the World Development Systems payment website where you can complete the transaction using our standard shop cart checkout process. If the transaction is successful then the ONE software will be monitoring for the updated number of credits and will display the update in an information box for you when it is done, however you can continue using the software for other tasks during this time.

If the transaction is successful then the ONE software will be quietly monitoring for the website transaction to be successful and, once it has verified this, will display a confirmation in a standard Windows notification box in the bottom right-hand part of your main Windows desktop for you when it is done, however you can continue using the ONE software for other tasks during this time. It doesn't matter if you close the ONE software before this notification message has been received, it won't stop the credits being applied to your account.

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