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Please take time to read this Important Notice intended for all Practitioners and potential purchasers.

The ONE System and other WDS products and services that are offered through our websites are therapeutic devices and items which are classified as Complementary Therapy equipment.

Although our professional Practitioners are genuinely reporting good results with both our latest device The One System and also the e-Lybra machine, we do recommend that people always keep in mind the need to consult their qualified Medical Practitioner as a first resort when illness occurs.

Our technology is not intended to replace either Medical advice or officially recommended Medical Devices. The WDS products, the One System and the e-Lybra System are, however, intended to assist and support professional Practitioners and individuals in their efforts to work towards initiating and regaining a state of Wellness and Well-Being.

Where symptoms persist or there is concern about a condition, the individual should always consider seeking advice from their Medical Doctor.

We cannot in any way guarantee that any medical condition may be improved, let alone cured by any of our products or technology, but as the Trustpilot reviews illustrate, our professional Practitioners have successfully achieved good outcomes for their Clients.

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