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Blog entry #ONE

Hi all, and welcome to the first blog entry to this site. Here we will give you information about the ONE system, news, and updates. We also plan to share information about the people who are behind it.

At the time of writing the ONE system has been in development for about three years, and is designed and manufactured by World Development Systems Ltd (aka WDS), a British company.

Before that ONE system WDS has been manufacturing the e-Lybra energy balancing system since the year 2000, and availability of this system will continue as we continue to introduce the ONE system. E-Lybra is used today by hundreds of practitioners around the world and is a multi- purpose energy remedy delivery system that comes with a database of nearly 250,000 remedy patterns. The e-Lybra software can easily be operate on an almost entirely automated basis, or the practitioner can have a high degree of manual control over how a session is configured.

Building upon the success and enthusiastic devotion among practitioners of the e-Lybra system, the ONE system offers a cheaper solution which has a smaller but more focused mission goal – support for trauma and addictions [we are prohibited from using the word in “treatment” in this context by the formal medical establishment].

The ONE system consists of a hardware device and the software programme. The hardware device is considerably cheaper then an e-Lybra unit, but the ONE system also requires a pre-purchased fund of credits to fuel the run of a support session [note that we didn't use the word “treatment” there].

With the e-Lybra system a small number of formulae are included to help the practitioner get started, but as the practitioner becomes more familiar with the concepts and operation of the e-Lybra they will want to write their own customer formulae a they move ahead with the system – this offers a huge amount of flexibility, and practitioners can export their formula and give them to other practitioners if they choose. Alternatively, the ONE system comes with a custom set of programmes which are written by experienced e-Lybra practitioners who have trusted expertise on the subject.

The state of the software at the time of writing [August 2022] is that the core architecture and functionality of the ONE software is now ready for use in a preview capacity, although the features within the software will continue to expand quite rapidly for the foreseeable future. Apart from an initial registration fee the software is free to download, and then a fund of credits can easily be purchased via the ONE app by the practitioner.

At the present time we are predominantly informing a small group of existing e-Lybra practitioners about the introductory availability of the ONE system while we mature the software, obtain feedback on a medical trials basis, and finally seek to apply to register the ONE hardware unit as a medical device. However, we do welcome enquiries from any existing addiction therapists who seek to participate in our preview programme. In all cases please contact us by e-mail at

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