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Concepts of Energy Balancing

There is an underlying model of understanding of the way that the living body is comprised. For anybody who is new to this kind of "energy medicine" then the concepts might well be outside of anything that you have given serious credence to before. But please, before you start reading this, understand that this is just an extension of principles that have been used in what we call Eastern Medicine for thousands of years. The current view of body operation and illness was largely formulated in the early 20th century by the industrialist J P Morgan in the formation of his medical schools. We are not saying that this organised view of medicine is necessarily wrong, simply that we believe it excludes the wider view that we present here.

The core health challenges that the ONE system is concerned with are Addiction and Trauma. Conventional healthcare already provides a capable and credible system of support and treatment for these general categories, and the ONE system is not claiming to replace them. We do however believe that we can add an additional dimension to the process of recovery.

Subtle Bodies with Energy Fields

Incorporated within the physical body outline there are also energetic fields called subtle bodies which occupy the same location as the physical body but which exist at a different frequency - in the way that frequency waves for multiple radio stations are all passing through the room at any time, but without interfering with each other. Explaining how all this works is quite difficult but here we are trying to give a brief explanation that will at least convey basic concepts to all readers. So with that introduction we can explain that there are several energy bodies that contribute different aspects of the functioning of the body. There is an etheric body, which provides a template (blueprint) for the physical body. There are also other energetic fields which process emotional and mental aspects of operations. And beyond that there are still further energetic fields, as well as a multi-dimensional auric field surrounding the whole body which has many purposes including keeping out toxic energies from the general environment.

Chakra System

These energy fields are connected via a complex system known as Chakras which align all subtle bodies with major points on the physical body (see the diagram below). It does so through a system of meridians and nadis (literally, "energy tubes"), similar in concept to veins, arteries and capillaries of the blood flow in the physical body. Eastern medicine teaches us that Chi flows through these energy tubes, which is a kind of energetic equivalent to blood providing a "Life Force". Just as all physical organs need a continual supply of healthy blood, so too do the subtle bodies need a continual supply of healthy chi. All of this together - the physical body and the energetic components - create the "whole body" which is where the term holistic comes from. 

This can all be summarised in the following illustration, but remember that it represents an amazingly multi-dimensional structure which are all consolidated into a 2-dimensional picture.


Consciousness and Information Fields

At this point we would like to introduce the concept of consciousness and information fields. We will seek to demonstrate that there are other aspects to healthcare that will promote greater wellbeing as and when they are recognised, taught, and integrated into consideration of methods of treatment and prescription. 


Consciousness and information fields combine to provide intelligent energy. They are, in their own way, an operating system similar to an in-body computer. They control all aspects of operation and design of the living body and are responsible for working to keep all multi-dimensional parts of the body in a state of balance and harmony. These intelligent energy fields are powered by the chi life force. If the individual's chi life force remains healthy then this will result in a healthy body. In our modern environment there are many reasons why this efficient flow of health-giving universal energy can be degraded or blocked, and understanding this will bring us closer to understanding how energy medicine works. It will also get us to the point where we can explain how addictions and traumas can be explained.


As this chi energy flows throughout the body it can be influenced by thoughts and emotions. If we have an angry outburst or we experience an incident which causes deep shock and anxiety then this can imprint itself into the chi, and that unbalanced energy passes around the body and can come to rest within the organs. In a healthy body this is usually flushed away by the continued flow of healthy chi and healthy blood. But in cases where that emotional energy was severe it becomes more constant. That negatively "charged" chi will degrade to a lower frequency of expression and can start to solidify. Inevitably the chi will stop flowing and get stuck in place. The parts of the body that the chi was feeding then receive a lower quality flow of energy and, in time, the health of the body starts to be affected adversely. This can be compared to the presence of clots in the blood stream. For a sufferer of such incidents these emotions take on a very real and negative life force of their own.

Introducing the Concept of Engrams

In the case of addictions a strong psychological or chemical attraction to a substance or behaviour can form an engram, which is when a program of necessity is formed within the intelligent energy. This program will have an active influence upon the consciousness of the individual. The strength of this engram can be mild, in which case it will break down of its own accord over time when it is not being reinforced. However, in some cases the strength of it can be beyond a certain threshold whereby it doesn't dissipate and becomes too strong to be eliminated by the body's energetic field. In this case the underlying program will be very influential on the whole body and, as the core demand (e.g. alcohol) is strengthened by further imbibing then it continues to grow up to a maximum point of density. When this doesn't naturally get dealt with then the influence can become permanent.

How the sufferer deals with it varies from person to person. Some people are able to get themselves chemically clean in the case of substance abuse, and then build a strong enough behavioural counter-program that enables them to resist indulging any further. However, at times of stress or strong external influence the resistance can break and the addiction will take hold again - in which case the chemical part of the dependency is also reactivated and the problem is significantly harder to resist. In the case of behavioural addiction the engram is still present but in this case there is no chemical substance to further complicate the issue. The engram will provide a continual influence to feed the addiction and this can still be strong enough to make the sufferer overcome their natural inhibition to engage in unhealthy activity.

In the case of trauma there is a variation on the problem. A traumatic event, such as being physically attacked, will put the body and the mind into a state of shock. Again, in mild cases this shock energy will be naturally cleansed by the body in due course, but if the intensity is so strong that the incident exceeds a kind of "critical point" then the resulting emotional energy forms (or adds to) an engram which is too strong to be broken down naturally in many cases. In this case however it must be said that psychological therapy can help the sufferer to process and release the trapped energy of the trauma and thereby help people to move on without this debilitating interference. There is value in talking therapy as it connects the sufferer to the energy blockage, at which time some form of release can occur. However, in many cases the intensity of the shock energy, held in the engram, is just too strong. This discussion is continued on the trauma page as some of the concepts are only specific to that category.​​

NB The key aspects of this are discussed with the benefit of explanatory videos in the main 25 minute presentation video, please see the link on the home page for this. The video includes animated representations of these engrams which are generally useful in extending the understanding of the concept.

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