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Behavioural Addiction Programs

Behavioural addictions are energetically less complex than drug and alcohol addiction, although the negative impact upon lives can still be considerable.

Behavioural addiction, also known medically as Process addiction, is when the subject is compelled to engage is an activity that does not involve the intake of a substance. The brain can develop a habit that becomes a consuming activity - all of the items in the list below are examples of this but gambling is perhaps one of the more well-known. Sexual activity too has a dark side in that some individuals act a long way outside the bounds of what is appropriate and can cause serious harm to others in acting out these desires.

The metaphysical aspects of this kind of addiction do appear to include some degree of mis-functioning of the brain in addition to energetic factors. The programs in this category seek to dissolve the energetic factors but also to add positive programming at the consciousness level to not be driven by this destructive behaviour. 

List of Behavioural Addiction Programs (so far*)

Computer Use

Cosmetic Surgery


Digital Device Use




Internet Use


Sexual Activity

Shopping (Buying)

Social Media Use



Video Gaming


* Our initial 2023 offering of the ONE system contains the above programs in the Behavioural Addiction category. We welcome your feedback, and also are keen to receive any requests from practitioners for specific additions to add to this portfolio.

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