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Create and Run a Connected Session

On this page you can build your Action List, which is simply the list of different programs that are queued up to run as an ordered sequence for the current client in this session, and for how long. Normally you might just choose one main program for 60 minutes between the Initial and Final balances, but you can add more.

Video Walkthrough:

Below is a video which shows the full process of selecting a current client, configuring which program to run, and then allowing to process to continue. There are also various usage tips given along the way. The information is also documented in the remainder of this page.

1. Create the action plan

NB: This first step assumes that you have already created the client that you will be working with and have that person selected. If you need to work through this first then please see the Create a Client Record page.

When you first see the configuration page you are presented with the following information:

At the initial presentation of the Action Plan we have two pre-loaded programs: the Initial Balance, and the Final Balance. Each of these programs are set to run for a default of 15 minutes each. These are strongly recommended as part of the protocol for working on a client. 

  • The role of the Initial Balancing program is to attempt to provide some kind of "tidy up" of the energy bodies before a specific condition or issue is addressed. This program is really concerned with trying to eliminate blockages and imbalances to get the body operating in a more cohesive manner; this is good for the client's health anyway, but it also contributes to the likely efficacy of the specific program that will subsequently be run to target the main issue. If you are familiar with Reflexology then this is also akin to "opening the zones", i.e. acclimatising the body energy system to the nature of the energetic experience that is about to happen.

  • The goals of the Final Balancing session are a bit different to the Initial Balancing program in that it focusses on helping the client to feel grounded. The Initial Balancing program seeks to bring all of the energy bodies into a state of balance and harmony, but when the main program is run (e.g. for addiction) then the effect can be to cause further disruption to the balance of the energy bodies. The reason for this is that the energetic work will be dissolving blockages, eliminating negative thought forms, and releasing the toxic charge from traumatic memories and experiences. When these negative blockages are released they can semi-dissolve and flow into the energy fields of the client - in general these will be eliminated by the cleansing processes of the energy bodies themselves but this can take a little while. In physical terms this can be like having an alcohol-induced hangover; the toxic load flows around in the bloodstream and makes one feel ill, but over time the kidneys filter all this out and excrete it from the body. Released toxic energy can be like this, and in a bad case is known as a healing crisis wherein the client can get a headache, a bout of diarrhoea, or even mild flu-like symptoms for a couple of days - it all depends upon what stuck energy is being released. Most people will feel fine after an energy session, but it sometimes happens that they feel a bit dizzy and need a bit of time to balance out again - the Final Balance program helps to get grounded again.

These each have a default duration time of 15 minutes, although you can change these or even exclude one or both from the Action Plan completely as you choose. To alter these values click on the bar above the action plan called Initial / Final Balance Options. When you do this a new section will pop open, if you want you can close it up again after you have made any alterations by clicking the bar again.


The initial and final balance programs are pre-loaded when you first enter the page. From here we then add more specific program, generally for a sixty minute duration, which targets more specifically the primary issue that the client is dealing with. In the Action Plan section you will be able to see the button Add Item To Program List; clicking this button slides us over to a different page where the specific program to use can be chosen from a list of options available.

Please note that if you are using a smaller display the layout of the section below will shrink down into two columns.

The list of programs on this page are the items that are available to your subscription. Click on the specific program that you wish to run (NB you may be able to scroll the list further to see more programs, depending upon the size of your screen and the application window). When you click on a program item in the list you will see the same title appear above the Duration In Minutes area, so that you can verify that you have chosen the correct item. Ensure that the Duration In Minutes value is correct (typically 60 minutes) and then press the Add Program To Action List button, this will then return you to the main session overview page.

2. Press the Start Session button

When the Action Plan has been set to your satisfaction and the client is settled and connected to the wrist straps then press the green Start Session to begin the process.


3. Pausing and Ending the run

Once the run has been started you can effectively leave it to continue for the duration without any specific action on your part. If you need to work on another Windows application while the ONE session is running then this is OK. NB: Security tip. We take security seriously so if you have to leave the room for any reason then we recommend that you adopt the same kind of preventative action that you see when you are in the bank talking to a member of staff and they need to leave the desk - they will lock the PC by clicking on the CTRL + ALT + DEL buttons, and then choosing LOCK on the menu that appears. At the very least this is a courtesy to your other clients as their personal details would otherwise be openly accessible to anybody who has access to the open ONE application. Admittedly this would only happen in a very small minority of cases but we do need to safeguard against these kind of breaches.

Pausing the run

Sometimes the client will tell you that they need a break for a few moments. Receiving this kind of energy work can be quite hard work and the client might experience a slight nausea, hot flush, or might need an unscheduled toilet break. If you need to cater for this then you will see that a Pause button has appeared in place of the previous "Start Session" button. When you push the Pause button then the run will be suspended for up to thirty minutes, after which time the remainder of the run will be cancelled.


Cancelling the run

For whatever reason you might want to terminate the run before the end of the planned duration. Pressing the Cancel button will tidily bring everything to an end. You will only be charged for the number of full and partial five minute periods that have elapsed since the ran began.

The End of the Session

When the session has fully ended you should see to the wellbeing of the client and ensure that he is feeling OK when standing up straight from the couch/chair. In most cases they will be good to go out straight away but just occasionally it might be an idea for them to take a few moments to have a drink and let the energies settle down.

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