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Pricing and Purchasing

The purchase price of the ONE system is £3,000 GBP per unit, plus tax and postage as appropriate. If this is your first unit then it will also automatically include the creation of your subscription account. Clicking the purchase link below will take you to the WDS Checkout website where you can answer various questions regarding the configuration of your account. The hardware comes with a three-year return-to-base warranty.

Once you have a subscription account then you have free access to the software, which requires a 64-bit computer running Windows 10 or 11 on which to run. We suggest a well-specified i5 processor as a minimum, and a display resolution of 1920x1280 or greater. You would not be over-specifying if you obtained an i7 processor. We have an ambitious development schedule and expect the requirement for a powerful processor to increase as functionality is added.

Running an client session in the ONE software operates on a pay-as-you-go model. A single credit lasts for 5 minutes. The recommended duration for a client session is:

15 minutes for initial balance

1 hour for the main program for the selected issue

15 minutes for the final balance

= 90 minutes, or 18 credits

  • 1 credit costs £0.75 GBP, plus digital tax @20% if you are not registered as a business

  • ​A typical one and a half hour session for the clinic model would use 18 credits, i.e. cost £13.50

  • A top-up device runs at 2 credits per twenty-four hour period, so a full week would cost 14 credits i.e. £10.50

Total per-client cost for 1 week = £24.00*

* plus digital tax where applicable


We anticipate from our our existing community of practitioners working in the addiction or PTSD areas of wellness that they would typically charge around £80 - £120 per treatment. A clinic would often charge between £200 and £400.

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