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Unboxing and Initial Setup

Step 1 of your journey with the One...

What's in the box?

When you open the box you will find several items:

  • The One box (we also call this the amplifier)

  • Power supply unit

  • USB cable

  • Pack of top-up cards

  • Pair of wrist-straps and connecting cables


Getting to know the ONE box

The ONE box contains several lights and cable sockets so lets see what they all are. Here is the top view of the box, with some letters in green that we can use as a reference for the description:


A (light)

When there is an active power supply connected to the ONE box then this light will glow red. So no light, no power!

B (light)

This light glows when the sensor (underneath the ONE logo on the top of the box) is ready to scan in a new device

C (socket)

This is where you connect one of the wrist straps and cables. The cable that is plugged into this socket should be connected to the left wrist of the client (as indicated by the word LEFT).

D (socket)

As per C, but this is the other wrist strap and cable. In this case you should connect it to the right-hand wrist of the client.

E (socket)

This socket is reserved for future use. Don't worry about it for now.

The rear of the box

At the rear of the box are more connectors and lights:

A (socket)

This is where you plug in the USB cable. The other end of the cable will be plugged in to your computer.

B (light)

This light glows when the ONE box is showing that it has a connection to Windows.

C (socket)

This is where you connect the power lead. See below for further details.

D (socket)

This socket is in place for help during a support call with us. ​Please don't worry about it for now.

E (light)

This light is part of the functionality of the socket D.

Assembling the power supply

When you empty the contents of the power supply bag you will see one item with a connector at one end, and a docking plate at the other end. You will also find you have several other connectors that have different sets of pins, one of which you will recognise as being the correct pin set for your local power supply. When you have identified this then you should connect that to the item with the cable. To make this connection you hold the pin adaptor to the docking plate at an angle, as shown in the photograph below.


So finally it should look like this. Give the pin part of the assembly a little tug to check it has clicked into place.


The big picture

Once you have assembled the power supply with your regional power pin arrangement then you are ready to connect everything up.

  • The power lead should plug into the ONE box, with the power pins connected into your wall socket and the power switched on. When you do this the ON light on the top of the box will glow red. NB We must emphasise how important it is to have a surge protector installed because a power surge can damage your ONE box and you will need to return the box to us in England for repair.

  • The USB cable should be plugged in to the USB socket on the ONE box, and an appropriate USB socket on your PC. NB If you have a new PC and you cannot see a socket on it which fits the supplied cable then you will probably need to get a "USB type B to a USB type C" cable from your local computer store.


Next step...

From here you should move onto the "Start Here" section 2, Installing the software

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