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Software Release 2023.12

Summary of changes in this build.

  • The colour schemes for various components within each page had previously been left incomplete and iconcistent, most notably on the home page. This build now contains improvements in this regard.

  • Updated links within the app for various specific pages on the website. These changed between this build and the previous build when the website was given a complete overhaul.

  • Anything purchased from the shop page always included 200 credits if no credits were actually added to the shopping cart. Furthermore, this item did not appear within the visible cart contents list.

  • On a related note, please be aware that we have set the minimum credit purchase amount is now 200 credits. Each invoice that we process, and which our account then processes, has an individual cost and we were finding that smaller purchases really weren't paying for themselves in this regard. Our apologies if this causes an inconvenience.

  • Much refinement work done on the top-up devices area. You can now add ID numbers manually if you do not have a ONE system attached, or are running this from an EL08 e-Lybra unit without an RFID reader. The information text notifying you what is happening has been improved, and more test/refinement has been done overall in this regard.


  • Some wording on the top-up configuration page previously invited you to create a device when one was clearly already created. This was confusing and misleading, and has now been fixed.


  • The client details page is now fully complete, with less of a bulky look and full editing throughout. Each data item can now be edited, and the telephone numbers section can contain add up to ten numbers which can be edited and deleted as necessary.

  • Fixed various scenarios where the ONE system closed without warning. At present there are no  indications that this happens anywhere in the system now. Typically this occurs when Windows raises a bug and it is unhandled by the application - this is one of the most difficult and time consuming parts of writing any software application.

  • The automatic software update process was failing to work, and has now been modified and seems to work very well now. However, because of this please go to and login so that you can download the setup program manually. You can then simply run the setup program and the previous ONE version will be updated to this new build. After this any future updates should be automatically dealt with by the software as they become available.

Addendum: 2023.12 revision 1

  • Bug fix: error occurred when manually creating a top-up device association with a client.

Addendum: 2023.12 revision 2

  • Bug fix: The shop process was not always opening a browser with which to complete the purchase. The ONE program was using a Microsoft-recommended method to ensure that the browser always opened but it seems that this was broken during the most recent Microsoft Update. Therefore an alternate means of opening the browser has been implemented which now seems to work fine.

Addendum: 2023.12 revision 3

  • Further refinements to setting a top-up schedule, either via scanning the device or by adding the serial number manually. The confirmation message when activating or updating a schedule has been expanded to contain more useful information.

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