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Software Release 2023.06

This release was largely a service release to fix various bugs:

Most notably, some users of the system found that setting a session run of any value other than the default 60 minutes still resulted in a run duration of 60 minutes regardless of their configured value. This value is now remembered correctly through to the main session run page.

We also decided upon a simplification of our licensing model. We previously had a single-user license and a clinic license, where there was a significant difference in the price of credits and also a restriction whereby a single-user license could only run one session at a time while logged in as a member of a specific subscription. This whole model was deemed too restrictive and was changed to a single license tier which has a consistent credit price and also no restriction on the number of sessions that can be run on different PCs.

NB The primary developer (Jon) needed to undergo urgent eye surgery during the production of this release and so various forthcoming features which were still undergoing test and refinement were removed until more effort could be applied to their completion. In this hasty (but tested) release the colour scheme of parts of the app were a bit unfinished (notably on the home page) - nothing that affects the functionality of the ONE program but nevertheless would have been completed had there been more time. This will be re-addressed in the next release.

NB2 In August 2023 an entirely new version of the accompanying website,, was released and many of the links in the ONE software have been altered due to enforced behaviour within the authoring program. These will be resolved within the next build of the software.

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