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Software Release 2023.04

Summary of changes in this build.

This build contains fixes to a couple of initial bugs, some modifications to the pricing structure of the shop, and the introduction of an optional new graphics effect for Windows 11 users.

  • Bug fix: manually entering the ID value of a new top-up card. If you tried to register a top-up device via the Top-Up Schedule tab of the Run a Client Session section of the ONE application then a bug was revealed which actually crashed the entire program. This is now fixed.

  • Shop page change #1: a minimum order quantity for credits has been added and set to 200, although of course you can set this value higher if you wish. Our own invoice processing incurs a specific charge per invoice so we needed to set the minimum order quantity value to make the process pay for itself.

  • Shop page change #2: The pricing for top-up cards has now changed. We were previously selling them with a price breakpoint whereby the individual price was cheaper if the order was higher than 25. We now have changed this so that we sell either packs of ten or packs of fifty.

  • Shop page change #3: The main product text area was not resizing along with the rest of the page so on smaller displays the text was not wrapping and so was being lost. The page has been altered so that all text wraps correctly.

  • Graphics feature addition: This simply enables a "frosted glass" type of background for the main ONE window. In this mode the window appears to be moderately transparent, and can be quite colourful. This is only a feature on Windows 11 and it requires a fairly good graphics adaptor. This feature is entirely optional and can be enabled/disabled from the Settings page.

  • Improvement: Better detection of whether Windows needs to reboot before a ONE update can be installed.

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