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Are you looking
for a new
energy balancing

This is the ONE


The ONE System

Software* plus amplifier unit

Contains programs for

- Drug and alcohol addiction

- Behavioural addiction

- Trauma & PTSD

- Support for human body systems

*Windows 10 or 11

Explore The ONE System capabilities

The ONE system is a new product designed initially for Practitioners and Clinics who deal with addiction and behavioural issues in clients, and also with trauma and PTSD. The purpose of the system is to help target the energetic imbalances that reinforce these conditions. 

​The ONE system consists of a hardware unit which connects to a Windows 10/11 PC/laptop, and a custom software program. The data is stored in the cloud so a reliable Internet connection is also required.

The product itself is very reasonably priced, and usage relies on prepayment credits.

The ONE system is a continuation of the technology used in our successful e-Lybra Energy Balancing System which has been available for over 20 years, is used by over 600 practitioners, and has been sold into 53 countries at the time of writing.

Built upon a mature knowledge of expertise


Easy learning curve for operation


Cloud storage means that teams can see common data within their subscriber group


Support for multiple logins and admin-based privileges


Modern Windows 11 user interface

Start Here!

Get an understanding of what energy balancing actually is, and specifically how it is applied to addictions and trauma.


Usage Protocols

How you would actually run a ONE session with your client

Detailed Presentation (24 minutes)

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